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Essential WordPress SEO Plugins for Bloggers (2023)

Here’s a quick guide to my favourite SEO plugins for WordPress bloggers:

  • RankMath – SEO plugin. I use the Pro version to track more keywords. But free is fine too. (Faster than Yoast).
  • WP Rocket – A cacheing plug in to pre-load your site to returning users. $50 a year ish.
  • Cloudflare CDN – Free plugin that serves your site closest to your user.
  • ShortPixel – Compressed your images. I recommend purchasing 30,000 credits at a time.
  • LinkWhisper – Internal linking plugin. About $70 per year.
  • Easy Table of Contents – Free TOC plug in.
  • Code Snippets – To easily add code like your Google Analytics tracking to your header and footer areas.
  • Table Press – Comparison tables for affiliates.
  • Query Hunter – Free GSC keyword tracking. I have a guide on using it @ninaclapperton on Instagram in my story highlights.
  • Login Lockdown – Prevent hackers from logging into your site.
  • AntiSpam Bee – Prevent spam comments.
  • Grow by Mediavine – Social links plugin.
  • Pretty Links – Cloak affiliate links.

My 6-Figure SEO Toolkit

🤩 Keysearch – The best and most affordable SEO keyword research tool on the market.

🤩 SEMRush – More advanced SEO tool with a higher price tag, but more capabilities.

🤩 Lyrical Host – The fastest host with the best support. I host all of my websites with Lyrical. Plus they include free stock photos and courses to help you improve your blogging! (Read more)

🤩 – 10x your content creation with Jasper! Learn more by reading my review or check out my signature Course for Bloggers to write 100k words a week like me!

🤩 Namecheap – For affordable domain names. Because a blog can’t exist without a domain!

🤩 WP Rocket – My favourite cache plugin to speed up your site.

🤩 Interact Quiz – The best way to grow your email list organically is with SEO and a quiz, built by Interact! (Read more)

🤩 RankIQ – Hate finding keywords? Let RankIQ find them for you! Plus get all the LSI keywords you need to rank #1.

🤩 Link Whisper Internal linking ensures my pages are indexed ASAP and rank higher. I do it instantly with Link Whisper. (Read more)

🤩 ShortPixel – Compress your images with this epic plugin to improve load times.

🤩 Canva – For all your graphic design needs!

Want to learn how to grow your blog to 6 figures with SEO? Check out my SEO Roadmap for Travel Bloggers course! It includes all my SEO secrets and strategies that I used to grow my blog to 50k sessions in 6 months!

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