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My Honest Jasper.ai Review: The Best AI for SEO Blog Posts (2023)

Bloggers have to churn out so much content to be successful.

If you’ve read my SEO guides, then you know that you should never be writing posts under 1,000 words. But often those posts will need to be over 3,000 words to rank successfully.

Who has the time to research, write, edit, format, and add affiliate links to a 3,000 word post every week when they’re working another job?

Or maybe you’re a full-time blogger and need to get out multiple posts every week. You have the time to do one or two, but you’re held back by your own ability to write fast enough.

That’s where Jasper.ai comes in.

Jasper.ai is a content creation tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write your blog posts faster.

I’ve been using the tool since November 2021 and am obsessed with it. It’s completely changed my life.

Now I’m easily publishing 20,000 words of content on my blogs every week, as well as writing 50,000 words of content for clients!

I’ve been able to skyrocket my traffic and income thanks to Jasper.ai. I’m going to show you how you can too by investing in this AI writing tool.

Jasper.ai logo of a rainbow coloured robot next to font saying

What is Jasper.AI? (Formerly Jarvis.AI and ConversionAI)

Jasper.ai is a content creation tool that uses artificial intelligence (AI) to help you write your blog posts faster.

It’s an AI-powered copywriting platform that helps you write better, more persuasive copy.

You can use Jasper.ai to:

  • Write articles and blog posts
  • Create social media posts and ads
  • Write product descriptions and landing pages
  • And more!

Note: Jasper.ai is NOT a researching tool. One of the most common complaints I see is that Jasper is writing articles that have the wrong stats or information in them. That’s because he’s not a research bot. He’s here to help you write. You need to guide him on how to write posts about specific topics.

Why is Jarvis now Jasper?

When I first started using Jarvis, the tool was called Conversion.ai.

They recently rebranded to Jarvis.ai (which is a more accurate name since it’s an AI-assisted writing tool).

However, they’ve recently rebranded again to Jasper.ai.

The change was actually really interesting. When founder Dave first changed the name to Jarvis.ai, he spoke to Marvel to ensure that they were ok with them using the name.

For all the non-MCU fans out there, Jarvis is the name of Iron Man’s AI system that basically runs his life and his suit. It’s what then became Vision, Wanda’s love interest.

They were fine with it because it was a small AI firm at the time. Back then, there were only a few dozen users on the platform.

But a year later, when the company was booming and had thousands of users on the platform daily, Marvel reconsidered.

So, to avoid any legal snafus, they switched to Jasper.ai.

Who is Jasper for?

Jasper.ai works by using a natural language processing (NLP) algorithm to analyze a text prompt that you provide.

It looks back over the last 1200 characters on the screen to analyze the information provided. Then Jasper starts writing one word at a time.

You can think of Jasper.ai as your own personal copywriter that’s available 24/7.

His content is based on patterns in your writing and patterns he learned from scanning 10% of the internet in 2019. This means that he has some general knowledge, but he is not a research bot.

So he knows what a cat is, but he doesn’t know the stats of how many cats lived in Turkey in 2021.

Jasper.ai is for anyone who wants to write better, more persuasive copy.

There are four different types of content that you can create with Jasper.ai:

  • Articles: Jasper.ai can help you write articles that are 1,000-5,000 words long.
  • Blog Posts: Jasper.ai can help you write blog posts that are 1,000-10,000 words long.
  • Social Media Posts: Jasper.ai can help you write social media posts that are 100-300 characters long.
  • Product Descriptions: Jasper.ai can help you write product descriptions that are 300-1,000 words long.

I’ve used Jasper for all of the above! He’s even helped me write scripts for my courses, write my ebook, and plan out meta descriptions.

Once you learn how to guide Jasper, he can even help you plan your break-up speech – he’s that versatile!

How to Use Jasper.ai (A Guide)

Jasper.ai is extremely easy to use.

1️⃣ You can log into it from your mobile or desktop.

Jasper dashboard on Nina's computer. Black background with text on the page about AI content writing.

2️⃣ You’ll be taken to your Dashboard. Here you can see your favourite templates, a navigation bar to get to all of your documents and recipes, and track your credit usage.

Jasper.ai dashboard showing Boss Mode, navigation, featured templates, and documents folder with a white background.

3️⃣ If you have Boss Mode, to get started, you’ll go to “Documents”, which will navigate you to your existing long-form documents.

You can start a new document from scratch or use the blog post workflow.

Jasper.ai options for creating a new document: starting from scratch or using the blog post workflow.

I always start from scratch, as I’ve developed my own workflow to guide Jasper.ai to produce the content I need.

4️⃣ Once you’re in your document, you can start writing.

I always add a Title and a Tone of Voice to guide Jasper. You can also add a content brief, which is essentially a summary of the type of article that you’re asking Jasper to build.

I don’t add keywords, as Jasper can be heavy-handed and keyword stuff. But if you add them to this section, Jasper will ensure that it inputs your keywords throughout the content.

On this page, you can also turn on Grammarly, use Copyscape to check for plagiarism, and even use your SurferSEO integrated account.

Boss Mode document writer on Jasper.ai

5️⃣ In “Power Mode” within the Boss Mode document, you can access all of the Jasper templates to craft social media messages, etc.

Boss Mode power mode with a variety of templates on the left navigation with options for types of content to produce

6️⃣ SEO mode can also be accessed here.

This is where you can research keywords with SurferSEO to find primary keywords, get guides on how long a post should be, and figure out words to include in your post to rank well.

SurferSEO integration with Jarvis.ai, showing the integration for the keyword

SurferSEO is an additional charge to Jasper.ai. It costs $59/mo and you can use it on 10 keywords per month.

7️⃣ When you’re working with Jasper, you need to give him instructions.

For example, “write an introduction about the cost of living in New Zealand for students” or “write an engaging paragraph about why every traveller needs a neck pillow”.

Whatever you ask Jasper to write, he will.

But remember, you need to guide him.

Think of your commands like you’re micromanaging a freelance writer. You’re telling them the type of thing you want them to say each step of the way, but it’s up to them to actually word it.

8️⃣ Jasper copies patterns. So if you see him following a similar structure that you had above, but no longer want (i.e. the last paragraph was a bullet point list, but this one should be long-form writing), just add “***”.

This will help Jasper reset and write in a new style.

Writing with Jasper does require some editing. So be prepared to edit as you go.

You can also start sentences and have Jasper finish them. Maybe “Neck pillows are…”. Then press CMD + J and let Jasper fill in the rest!

He’ll save everything automatically, so no need to press save constantly! It’s kind of like Google Drive that way.

It’s incredibly easy to write posts with Jasper. I now average 1 hour to write a 7,000 word blog post, with some edits from myself during this time.

I’m publishing content so quickly I actually have a new niche site in the works so I can use Jasper to its full extent! (All while still holding down a full-time job and my SEO clients.)

Jasper.ai templates board with a list of the types of AI the program can create.

Different Content Templates for Jasper AI

One of the coolest things about Jasper is that it comes preloaded with 50+ templates to help you create exactly the kind of content you need.

These templates can help you write a Pinterest description, a persuasive set of bullet points for a product, a blog introduction, answers to Quora questions, Google Ads, and even email subject lines.

To access the content templates, click on the “Templates” tab on the left-hand navigation menu.

Then, select the type of content you want to write from the options at the top.

You’ll see a list of different content templates that you can use.

You can also access them within the article writer if you’re on the Boss Mode plan. Here you’ll find them under “Power Mode”.

This will bring up an expandable left sidebar where you can access all of these templates.

The templates are more rigid so you will get exactly that type of content rather than anything else. Unlike Boss Mode, you can’t really manipulate them to give you a variation of form that you could use for something else.

I’ve found that they’re most successful for short pieces of content, like Pinterest captions or meta descriptions.

Their social media functions aren’t as good unless you input a lot of information, and since I’m not big on social media, I can’t be bothered.

What is Starter Mode?

Cost: $29/mo

Word Count: 20,000 per month

Starter Mode is Jasper’s cheapest plan that allows you to use the tool to write short-form copy.

The starter plan is best for social media writers or people with e-commerce products only looking to generate product descriptions.

With this plan, you’ll get 20,000 words a month.

This might seem like a lot, especially if you’re currently only writing a couple blog posts a month, but it goes by fast.

And Starter Mode doesn’t have the long-form content capabilities of Boss Mode. With Starter Mode, you can’t really compose a long article out of the templates provided. You’re limited to maximum 600 words per output, which doesn’t always make a blog post.

Remember, Jasper is like any other writer in that some of his work isn’t going to be perfect and you’ll need to return it (you can return 10% of the content that he writes that isn’t helpful).

This plan may be able to help you write a couple intros, but they won’t be nearly as well written as with Boss Mode.

I understand the urge to save money and buy the Starter Mode because it’s cheaper, but it really doesn’t benefit bloggers.

Bloggers should save up for Boss Mode instead.

Notable Features

  • Unlimited users
  • 50+ templates
  • 25+ languages
  • Favourite outputs
  • Auto save
  • Access to Jasper community and job posts
  • Training/Bootcamp

What is Jasper AI Boss Mode?

Cost: $59+

Word Count: 50,000+

Boss Mode is Jasper’s high-end content writing plan.

It allows you to write long-form content, and also gives you a few more features like the ability to access recipes that you can use within Boss Mode to guide Jasper to create the type of content you want.

The word count with this plan is 50,000+, which should be plenty for most bloggers.

I use about 30,000 words a day at the moment writing blog posts for my multiple blogs and for clients.

You also have to remember that not all of the words you’re producing you’ll use. And you’ll be writing some bits too, so a 10,000 word article may actually be 12,000 words with Jasper, even if you write some bits yourself just due to repeating content.

And, like the Starter Mode, Boss Mode also allows you to return 10% of the articles that Jasper writes for you.

This is a huge benefit because it means that you’re not stuck with content that you don’t like.

The better you get with Jasper, the less you’ll need to return.

I’m an old hand now and rarely need to delete more than a sentence that he provides.

The Boss Mode plans are adjustable based on the number of words you need per month. Agencies can even go above 300,000 words a month.

With the addition of different “seats” for employees, you can ensure that all of your workers can access Jasper and see their own projects. They’ll share from the overall word quota.

Past Jasper accounts with Boss Mode had unlimited words but seats cost $50 per person.

I’m on a grandfathered in account this way, which is great for my content writing but not as good for my ability to work with a team.

And I don’t get the new handy project folders to manage my documents, which honestly is my only complaint about my current account setup.

Get 10,000 words free to try on Jasper.ai today!

✅ Jasper.ai

How to Use Boss Mode in Jasper AI

Unlike Starter Mode, Boss Mode doesn’t rely on templates.

You can use the Boss Mode Editor to write documents, even calling up templates from within the document.

To use Boss Mode, you used to need to add a title, content brief (aka. what the post is about), tone of voice, and keywords to get going.

Jasper has learned since then, and now you can do way more on the screen itself.

Give Jasper specific cues like:

  • Write a funny story about ducks
  • Write an introduction about visiting Rome with kids
  • Rewrite the above in an engaging way
  • Write persuasive bullet points about X backpack

With these cues, you can guide Jasper like it’s a copywriter right in front of you. You’ll be the world’s worst micromanager, but that’s the kind of boss Jasper loves!

In the editor, you can also drag and drop in images, videos, and other files to help with your writing. It even accepts links so you can pre-format a blog post within the editor easily.

I love being able to format my headers, bullet points, links, and pictures within the post so I can just copy and paste it into my WordPress dashboard and go!

You’ll need to know some commands to help guide Jasper.

The essentials are:

  • Cmd + J = Compose or write continuing from the above
  • Cmd + Enter = Run this written command
  • Cmd + Shift + Enter = Run this written command and don’t erase the command
  • *** = Don’t read above this line (useful to stop duplicate content or from copying old formating)
  • Cmd + / = Rerun the last command

You used to need to put “>” before a written command, but now you can just say “write a sentence about X” and Jasper will do the rest!

Notable Features

  • Unlimited users
  • 50+ Templates
  • 25+ Languages
  • Document editor
  • Jasper commands
  • SEO Mode
  • Recipes
  • Plagiarism Checker
  • Grammarly
  • Project Folders
  • Auto Save
  • Select favourite outputs
  • 3x faster support
  • Jasper community with weekly job posts
  • Training/Bootcamp
  • Ability to get certified in Jasper
  • Content searchability

Starter vs. Boss Mode

FeaturesStarter ModeBoss Mode
Best ForShort Copywriting for Social MediaLong Copywriting for Blog Posts
50+ Templates
25+ Languages
Surfer SEO
Access to Training
Support✅ (Priority)
Jasper Community FB Group
Word Count20,00050,000+
Cost$29/mo$59/mo +
Jasper.ai recipes for creating types of ai content writing, like blog posts and product review posts

What are Jasper AI Recipes?

Recipes are structures within Boss Mode that are created by other Jasper users and pros. You can even create your own!

These are pre-created outlines that have written commands to help you achieve a type of outcome.

For example, there are recipes for writing a non-fiction ebook, writing a blog post, writing a travel listicle, creating a product review blog post, and more!

You can get these completely free, input them into your Boss Mode, fill in your keyword and audience, and go!

It makes creating content so much faster and easier, especially if you’re new to Jasper and not sure how to guide him yet.

Most recipes come with a video guide as well from the creator so you can follow them on a walk-through of how to make the most of the recipe.

Boss Mode and Starter Mode options for Jasper.ai with the prices and word counts listed.

Which Jasper AI Plan to Choose?

Jasper has 2 plans available: the Starter Mode and Boss Mode.

Starter Mode is best for social media strategists.

If you’re not just looking for short outcomes, I recommend Boss Mode.

All bloggers should use Boss Mode.

Even if you only want to use Jarvis to write your intros and conclusions, you’ll still get better results with Boss Mode.

And for $59 a month (with 2 months free if you get the annual plan), it’s way cheaper than hiring a copywriter.

In fact, you could even buy it one month at a time, batch intros and conclusions, then turn it off until you need it again if you need to save some money.

But once you know how to make the most of Boss Mode, you’ll be like me and be churning out so many blog posts you have to start a new niche site! (All while keeping my day job and my start up company.)

Monthly Vs. Annual Pricing

If you decide to go with the annual plan, you save 2 months off of your total bill.

That means 2 months of free copywriting services from Jasper every year!

What copywriter offers that??

As a copywriter, I can tell you: none!

With the annual plan you save $58 annually on a Starter Mode plan or $118 on the basic Boss Mode plan.

After a month using Jasper, you’ll regret not buying the annual plan immediately.

I did it to see if I would use it enough, and I wrote 30 articles in the first two weeks.

Jasper.ai Review of My Experience

I, like many bloggers, was skeptical of Jasper at first.

Then called Jarvis.ai, I was pretty sure AI would signal the downfall of the blogger.

But I was wrong – and I’m happy to admit it!

I signed up for a 10,000 word free trial in October 2021 and quickly ran through my credits in two days writing a myriad of blog posts.

But after a month without it, I wanted to write with Jasper again.

It really does feel like writing WITH somebody, rather than having the AI write for me.

I guide Jasper along the way, add in facts, and sometimes take over for a few paragraphs when I feel like writing.

I’ve used Jasper to write how-to posts, listicles, location-specific posts, an e-book, outline my courses, social media posts, and more!

Sometimes I even use him to brainstorm how to reply to Tinder matches when I’m bored.

Honestly, it’s just so fun to have a little writing buddy that speeds up the tedious parts of writing, like when I’m answering the same question for the 40th time in a different way on a new post (we’ve all been there!) or need to do a hefty product review post.

I’ve actually massively increased my affiliate income with Jasper, because I’m no longer afraid to write those long articles that really deeply analyze a product.

Like this one for Transferwise.com and, you guessed it, this very post on Jasper itself!

This entire post is written with Jasper, except for this paragraph (because it felt disingenuous to let Jasper write my praise about him).

I definitely worried about the cost, too, at first. How could I justify spending over $1,000 (with the conversion to CAD) on an AI tool?

I was working two jobs, running multiple blogs, and constantly busy.

But once I signed up for Jasper, I was able to scale back to 4-day work weeks thanks to all of the content I can produce with the AI.

I’ve gotten my life back, made more money, and had fun while doing it.

I honestly can’t say enough about how much I love writing with Jasper, and how helpful it’s been for my blog and getting me to my Mediavine goal.

Examples of Articles I’ve Written with Jasper.ai

There’s a perception that Jasper can “only write” certain things or certain topics.

That’s just wrong!

I’ve used Jasper to write literally everything under the sun.

To help prove that Jasper isn’t just for tech or basic blog posts, here are some examples of work I’ve written for myself with Jasper:

What Makes Jasper Stand Out?

The thing that makes Jasper stand out most is his community support.

Every week there are new job postings in the community, which helps you keep your skills sharp and also network with other copywriters.

The Facebook group is constantly sharing wins, new recipes for success, and giving out free advice. You can even get hired as a copywriter through it, which is literally you getting paid to use Jasper!

The training/bootcamp is also top-notch.

You can really tell that they want you to succeed with their program.

They even offer a free SEO course to help bloggers go from no views to Mediavine levels.

I’ll say, it’s a bit general, but it’s great to learn how to write for SEO.

The price is also unbeatable for the quality of work you get.

I’ve worked with copywriters that charge $500 per article, and I honestly believe Jasper can do a better job in most cases.

I’ve written over 200 articles thanks to Jasper. I would have had to pay at least $50 per article if they were 1,000 words. Let’s assume they are, although most are upwards of 3,000. So that would be $1000 that I would have paid for those articles.

In those 4 months, I paid $247.50 for Jarvis.

So even if these were extremely short articles, I would have saved $750 in that period.

To be honest, the savings are way higher. Because I wrote these blogs with personal knowledge, SEO skills, and expert copywriting. And because they are honestly very long posts as I was doing some pillar content.

Who wouldn’t want to save that much to still produce excellent content??

Jasper is always improving with new features and updates, which is something else that makes him stand out.

For example, he just recently added the ability to write videos descriptions!

Jasper Vs. Other AI Content Writing Tools

Best For:Blog Posts, SM Copy, Ecommerce, Landing Pages, Emails, etc. SM Captions or Short DescriptionsSM Captions or Short DescriptionsEcommerceShort Copy or Captions
UniqueBoss Mode to give instructions, most customizable, integrations with SurferSEO + CopyscapeEasy to use, but hard to guideAllows you to enter a few keywordsShopify IntegrationOnly 1 price, good at marketing copy.
Plagiarism Checker
Monthly Limit20,000+ words50,000+ characters15,000+ words25+ usesUnlimited
Cost: $59/mo+$9/mo+$19/mo+$19/mo+$49/mo

Reviews of Jasper.ai

Jasper review 1 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Helps with writer's block.
Jasper review 2 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Saves hours on writing.
Jasper review 3 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Fast content generator that allows 40k words to be written in 2 days.
Jasper review 4 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Game changer for writing high quality content.
Jasper review 5 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Better than other AI, no matter what type of content you're writing.
Jasper review 6 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Amazing for bloggers.
Jasper review 7 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
2,000 words in 10 minutes.
Jasper review 8 from Trust Pilot.
5 stars.
Good for blog posts but sometimes doesn't have details right for travel posts.

Jasper AI Support

Jasper is tech, and like all tech sometimes he glitches.

I’ve had a few small issues since I started using Jasper.ai. My main issue was when I was trying to sign up after my free trial had ended. I left for a month before coming back to Jasper to get a 1 month subscription.

When I did, I couldn’t get into my account.

The support team responded to my email in 2 hours!

Back then, there were just two people handling support, so that was amazing.

Nowadays, there is a full support staff who are ready to answer all of your questions.

When Jasper glitched a month ago and kept producing duplicate content, they helped me reset him (aka. log off then on again) so I could get the work done that I needed to.

They’re always improving Jasper, which means you may encounter a small bug here or there. But I’ve never had anything so significant that I couldn’t use the system for month than an hour, even when they’re doing an update.

And I’ve always had excellent responses from their knowledgeable support staff.

Pros and Cons of Jasper AI for Content Writing

Boss Mode for long-form contentCan't export, have to copy and paste your post into Wordpress
Recipes help you write various types of contentCan be repetitive if you don't guide him well
Speeds up content creation by 10xCan only return 10% of credits, which can be limiting before you learn how to guide Jasper properly
Auto savesNo API yet
Much cheaper than a copywriterCan overuse keywords included in Boss Mode guide
SurferSEO integrationYou will need to fact check and do minor edits
Codes your post for WordpressCannot perfectly mirror individual tone of voice
Unlimited team members on 1 accountYou'll quickly become addicted and need to upgrade to produce more content for new sites, etc.
Never struggle with writer's block again!

Jasper AI Features & Integrations

Ease of Use

Jasper AI is very user friendly.

It’s super intuitive to instruct Jasper along his path and to interact with the overall interface.

I was shocked at how quickly I felt like a pro, easily navigating the system, when I first signed up.

Frequent Updates

Jasper AI is constantly being updated with new features and integrations.

This is a huge plus, considering how rapidly AI is growing and evolving.

Every month I feel like my outputs are better and better. In part, that’s because I was getting better at instructing Jasper, but it’s also because Jasper is advancing.

Facebook Group

Another big plus for Jasper is their Facebook group.

The team behind Jasper are very responsive to questions and feedback, which is great.

Plus, the community of users is growing and it’s nice to see how others are using Jasper to improve their content marketing.


One thing I love about Jasper AI is how it integrates with Grammarly.

Grammarly is one of my favorite tools for grammar and punctuation checks, so it’s great to have that built into my Jasper workflow.


Jasper AI also integrates with CopyScape, which is great for checking the originality of your content.

This is a nice feature to have if you’re ever concerned about plagiarism or if you just want to make sure your content is 100% original.

It only cost me $0.60 to check a 6,500 word article for plagiarism, so it’s very affordable.

I’ve checked a number of articles on Jasper and have never found any plagiarism.


If you’re looking for a tool to help you with your SEO, Jasper AI integrates with SurferSEO.

This is a great tool that I’ve been using for a while to help me with my on-page optimization.

It’s a bit expensive, but Jasper users get a $1 month trial at the beginning.

I prefer RankMath personally, but I did enjoy the ability to optimize for tertiary keywords and word length within my Jasper document.

Bootcamp / Tutorials

If you’re just getting started with Jasper, I highly recommend their Bootcamp.

It’s a great way to get started and to learn all the ins and outs of using Jasper AI.

I also really appreciate that they offer a number of tutorials on their YouTube channel.

They’ve been extremely helpful for me in understanding how to use some of Jasper’s more advanced features.

If you’re on a word-restricted plan, definitely watch all the videos BEFORE you start using Jasper so you don’t waste your words.

Can AI Written Content Rank on Google?

This is a question that a lot of people are asking these days, as AI becomes more and more popular for content writing.

The answer is yes, AI written content can rank on Google.

However, it’s not as easy as just slapping an AI generated article up on your website and expecting it to rank.

You’ll still need to do your due diligence with on-page optimization and make sure that your article is high quality.

But, if you’re using a tool like Jasper AI, which produces well written, original content, you’ve got a good chance of ranking on Google.

I’m an SEO specialist, so I wouldn’t use a tool if it would impact my ability to rank on Google.

With Jasper, I’ve been able to get posts on the first page of Google very easily!


Nina's post ranking #1 on Google, written with Jasper.ai


Nina's post ranking #1 on Google, written with Jasper.ai


Nina's post ranking #1 on Google, written with Jasper.ai

Why Should I Buy Jasper AI for my Blog?

I’m not going to tell you why you need to invest in your blog.

If you’re not ready for that, then this tool probably isn’t for you.

But if you’re ready to start growing your traffic by producing excellent quality blog posts written in your voice with your experience, then you should definitely buy Jasper’s Boss Mode plan.

With Jasper, you’ll be able to speed up your content creation by 10x. This will allow you to create more content to improve your chances of ranking on Google and give you more time to worry about affiliate and SEO optimization.

Spend the money to save time and increase your blogging business’s revenue with Jasper today!

Click here to get 10,000 words free on Jasper today!

Is it worth the price?

The short answer is yes.

I’m an SEO copywriter. I charge $100 per 1,000 words for my clients.

If I were to hire myself to write a blog post for my blog, I’d be paying about $300 per blog post.

Meanwhile, I’ve written 200 blog posts in the last 4 months with Jasper. That cost me $247.50 total with my Boss Mode plan.

Why would you pay $300 for one article when you could create 200 for a lower price?

Since I’ve been able to speed up my content creation, I’ve been able to create an ebook on growing your DA, an SEO course for travel bloggers, and a Jasper course for travel bloggers.

I’ve also increased my traffic which has increased my ad revenue and my affiliate revenue.

I’ve even been able to use Jasper to write articles for clients, meaning that I can write faster and make more money.

Jasper paid for itself within the first month I had it from additional income alone (and I’m not talking about the monthly fee. I’m talking about the annual fee all at once!).

That’s why I highly recommend Jasper to any blogger who is looking to level up their content writing without sacrificing their time. You’ll be able to achieve your blogging business dreams with the time Jasper unlocks!

Click here to get your Jasper.ai free trial!

FAQs About Jasper.ai

Does Jasper ai offer any free trial?

Jasper currently doesn’t offer a free trial to new users. However, if you use my affiliate link you can get 10,000 free words on Jasper for 5 days.

Select the Boss Mode plan when you sign up and then you can start playing around with Jasper for free. Just remember to cancel your credit card before day 6 or you will automatically be charged.

Is the content created with Jasper ai is plagiarized?

No, the content is not plagiarized. The AI does a great job at creating unique and plagiarism-free content.

They even work with a plagiarism checker that you can use to check all of your articles for any plagiarized copy.

I’ve used it on a number of my articles and have never found more than 0% plagiarized copy – and I’ve written over 200 articles in 4 months with it.

What languages does Jasper ai support?

Jasper supports over 25 languages.

These are:

  • Bulgarian
  • Chinese
  • Czech
  • Danish
  • Dutch
  • English
  • Estonian
  • Finnish
  • French
  • German
  • Greek
  • Hungarian
  • Italian
  • Japanese
  • Latvian
  • Lithuanian
  • Polish
  • Portuguese
  • Romanian
  • Russian
  • Slovak
  • Slovenian
  • Spanish
  • Swedish

It is also capable of adjusting for dialects, such as Brazilian Portuguese and UK vs. US English.

Does Jasper come with API?

As of February 25, 2022, Jasper does not have an API. But the programmers are working on developing one and hope to see it come out soon.

Is there any money-back guarantee with Jasper ai plans?

Jarvis has a 5-day moneyback guarantee for people who get a 10,000 word free trial through this link.

Otherwise, no you cannot return the digital product.

If you mistakenly let your free trial lapse by one day, support is very understanding and will help cancel it for you.

I did this once by accident after trying it, before I was convinced I needed it in my life. Honestly, I should have kept it then and there and written more content in October. But they refunded me anyway and let me wait until I realized how much I truly loved it.

Is Jasper ai a mobile app or desktop application?

Jasper ai is a desktop application primarily.

They do also have a Chrome extension and a mobile app.

What can I use Jasper ai for?

You can use Jasper ai for anything that you need content written for.

This includes:


-Blog posts

-Product descriptions

-Ebook chapters

-Facebook ads


There really is no limit to what you can use it for – as long as you need content written, Jasper can do the job for you.

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